Lucrecia Taormina

Director - Photographer


2021 UKMVA's Best New Director nominee, Lucrecia, from Buenos Aires, studied photography in London where she also developed her love for moving image. 

Her bold and entertaining narratives with a hyper - real aesthetic, strong characters and iconic world creations have been the centre pieces of her filmmaking and photography.

Her work has already been widely recognised in the commercial and music world with Kinsale Shark, Creative Circle, 1.4 and UKMVA Awards, as well as recognition at the Cannes YDAs and Ciclope.

UK FRIEND / Luke Jacobs Heather Firminger

SPAIN GRAYSKULL / Daniel Monedero

ARG LANDIA / Luciana Abramzon

BRA LANDIA / Sebastian Hall  

MEX LANDIA / Claudio Amodeo


2021 - UKMVA's, Best New Director, Nominee

2021 - UKMVA's, Best Alternative UK, Nominee

2021 -UKMVA's, Best Hip Hop / Grime UK, Nominee

2021 - UK Creative Circle, Best Music Video of the Year, Bronze

2021 - Photography Exhibition Fish Eye Gallery, Paris, France.

2021 -1.4 Awards, on the cusp of greatness,  Steven Wilson 'Personal Shopper'

2021 -1.4 Awards,  on the cusp of greatness, Bree Runway ft. Missy Elliott 'ATM'

2021 -1.4 Awards, on the cusp of greatness, Siah 'Ain' t Stopping'

2021 - Young Directors Awards Cannes, Best Directing in a Charity commercial, nominee

2020 - 1.4 Awards, Best Branded Content, Silver

2020 - Ciclope Awards,  New Talent Finalist

2020 Kinsale Shark Awards, Best Charity Film (International), Bronze

2020 - YDAs Cannes, Shortlist Best Directing in a Music Video

2019 - UKMVA Winner, Best Pop Newcomer

2019 -  Ciclope Festival, New Talent Nominee

2019 -  1.4, New Talent


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